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Welcome to a personal guide to on-line shopping. Here, you'll find presented  various special shopping, self-help and service opportunities.  There'll be no "get-rich-quick" schemes   offered  here:
bargains and good values on the other hand should be plentiful. Return here often- the opportunities will be constantly changing.

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Designer Replica Sunglasses, Wraparounds, Classical Style sunglasses and much more

Sunglasses: Designer Replicas, Wraparounds and Classical Styles
And many more!
Your Price: starting at $8.95

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Looking for those New Releases? How about the oldies but goldies? This store has a great selection at excellent prices.

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Book Shop WB01343_.gif (599 bytes)

Half-a-million plus books to choose from! You'll find best sellers, fiction, sci-fi, mystery, humour in hardcover and softcover formats.

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Inkjet Printer Cartridges WB01343_.gif (599 bytes)

Look here for a good selection of inkjet cartridges at great prices for all the most popular brands

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Computer Store Leftpointerhand

Featuring a select group of items from desktops to accessories to software.

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Sporting Goods Leftpointerhand

You'll find all the equipment and accessories you need to satisfy your love of the game, whether it's  baseball, football, hockey, tennis, lacrosse, basketball and many more.

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Golfing Equipment Leftpointerhand

Just Golf !!!!

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