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We Are ...

    ... a  "hands-on" consulting company specializing in the application and deployment of Information Technology throughout the corporate and private sectors in innovative yet cost effective ways. We provide solutions to small, medium and large sized organizations that enable them to maximize the potential of their IT investments and of the current technology.

The owner, Stanley W. Lopata, is a seasoned IT professional with over 27 years of experience in the application, development, and deployment of information technology. Our partners and associates include accounting professionals, logistics and shipping specialists, network, server and computer managers ... and many others.

We understand business, having been directly involved in projects and activities covering many aspects of a corporation, including financial, manufacturing, customer relations, human resource, cash application, accounting, supply chain management and electronic commerce systems; in addition, we  design, install and manage LANs, WANs, webs, servers and desktop computers.

In particular, we have specialized in representing the Canadian requirements (such as legal, culture, language) for those clients that are international, the USA specifically, in scope but without a direct IT presence in Canada.

In summary, we provide a wide variety of services on a project or on-going basis, ranging from installation of LANs to sitting-in as a "IS Director on-demand" to evaluating your staff - and at very reasonable rates.


Lopata Information Technology

3 Marwin Rd.
Ajax ON L1S 6J6

phone: 416.399.6603
fax: 905.686.8947
email: info@slopata.com


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